Introduction to Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science: Computing has changed the world in profound ways: it has opened up wonderful new ways for people to connect, design, research, play, create, and express themselves. However, using the computer is just a small part. This survey course offers students a hands-on introduction to computer science. Students will program using a block-based graphical interface as they learn how to translate their ideas into code. Students will learn about big ideas in computing such as abstraction and design, and will explore various aspects of computing relevant to themselves and to society.


Curriculum: The Intro Computer Science curriculum is derived from UC Berkeley’s CS 10: Beauty and Joy of Computing course. Through a collaboration with UC Berkeley, the first ten weeks of the course have been adapted to be specifically tailored for a high school offering and to meet the needs of high school students.


Recommended Prerequisite:It is strongly recommended that students taking this course have successfully completed Geometry.