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STudents and parents

  Information and Resources 

Welcome to CDLS! This page provides helpful information for student and parents, including support videos (how-to's), and other information to help you in your online course experience.

Online Class
General Information

Student Orientation

The student orientation information that all students have access to in their courses.​

Learning Resources for Student and Parents


Parent Resources

This link will take you to various, helpful parent resources.

CDLS Student Supports

Info-graphic overview on supports available for students.

Successful Online Student Traits

Daily Routine Checklist

Example of a daily routine for students.

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Student and Parent Support Videos

This link will take you to the CDLS Student/Parent YouTube Channel where you can find help videos on a variety of topics.

Login Process

A walk-through of how users login.

CDLS Overview

An introduction to a CDLS course.​

Online Class

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Parent Access

Parent/guardian access

Guardian accounts can only be requested and granted through your school's site coordinator/counselor.  CDLS cannot create guardian accounts on behalf of schools/districts and their parents, due to student privacy and security protocols.  Local site coordinators will be responsible for creating and maintaining guardian accounts.

Contact your local site coordinator to request parent access.

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