The Infusion Project is a set of 8-week courses developed around high-interest topics and designed for high-ability and gifted learners.  Each class is designed to be self-paced, meaning students can complete each weekly lesson whenever one class period a week is available to them in school. The goal is to provide content engaging and challenging enough that students want to do more than the allocated time per week and continue to work on their own. To that end, instructors have included extension activities for many of the courses that will take a student beyond that one lesson if he/she desires that depth.  While students will work on their own, which requires a good deal of independence, they will use the CDLS Schoology platform to interact with others in discussions and sharing of work product.

The goal is to provide feedback, not grades for these courses. Many high ability students struggle with how to respond to constructive feedback and revision. A primary focus of the Infusion Project is to provide a platform that will challenge thinking and allow students an opportunity to work through new concepts. The school may choose to provide participation grades or points if desired. 

Infusion Project courses are offered twice each year, once during second quarter in fall and once during the third quarter in spring.  Infusion Project course are currently offered to schools in Northeast BOCES and East Central BOCES.

Northeas BOCES
East Central BOCES

Quarter 3 - Spring 2021

Registration: December 9, 2019 - January 24, 2020
Term: January 13 - March 13, 2020


$50 per course enrollment.

Students have two weeks from the course start date to drop without incurring the full course fee. All billing for Infusion Project courses is handled by NEBOCES. Please contact Paula McGuire with questions at pmcguire@neboces.org or 970-521-2771.



-Infusion Course List-

Download/print the 2019/2020 Infusion Project flyer and course list or click on a title below. 


Elementary Offerings:  Grades 3-6

Edison Robotics

Build, Code & Create:  Edison 1.0

Learn to code Edison robots at the beginner level, utilizing the EdBlocks platform.  Students will use the blocks to build the code, variables to adjust the code, and try writing code using provided examples to enhance their learning. 

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Optical Illusion Art

This course will teach students how to hand draw several different optical illusions using precision, various mathematical tools, and creativity.  You will create amazing pieces of art while becoming a master of math tools, including protractors, compasses, and rulers.  A challenge to math and art minds alike!

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Intermediate Offerings:  Grades 4-8

Heroes & Villains:  Foundations of a Myth

Students will study the gods, goddesses, monsters, heroes, and stories that make up Greek mythology.  Read stories about how the Greeks believed the earth was created, why the seasons change, and why people do the things they do.  Dig deeper into these myths, discuss how they have influenced us today, and explore some of the vocabulary from the Ancient Greeks that has made its way into modern language.

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Oceans & Seas

A cross-curricular learning experience that covers a wide range of concepts and subjects all focused on the ocean.  Participants will improve their ability to use the Internet, learn to write poetry, explore space and astronomy, use computer programming, develop their own video, view famous artwork, and create their own website.  This is a great course for any student that is interested in the ocean and wants to explore new concepts.

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Transition Offerings:  Grades 7-10

The Road to Code

Learn the basics of <html> and javaScript used in building websites.  Students will use tutorials and discussion to understand the nuts and bolts of these languages and challenge themselves with increasingly complex coding statements that can be used in multiple environments.

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Course Requirements:

-basic knowledge of file systems and structures (knowledge of folder hierarchy in google drive)
-ability to share files and folders through google drive outside of school's domain

The Matter of Britain:  Legends of King Arthur

Explore the magic of the Middle Ages in this overview of the Legends of King Arthur.  Students will dive into the elements of medieval stories that shape Arthurian Legends and discover Knights, Camelot, and the Age of Chivalry.

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Secondary Offerings:  Grades 8-12

Digital Design

Students will be introduced to the world of computer science and contemporary design.  Students will explore coding and design through video game design, graphic art, phone app development, and more.


This course will provide students with an introductory lesson in a wide range of concepts and skills focused on using computer science to create.

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Poetry & Creative Writing (Part I)

This course is about learning to write in the genres of poetry and fiction through an examination of techniques, through experimentation, and through an inquisitive investigation into your individual voices.


You won’t be asked or expected to duplicate the “masters” of these genres, but will instead be asked to do a fair share of inventing writing, or “mastering” of the forms through your own unique perspective, experiences, stories, and language.

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Advanced Creative Writing (Part II)

Explore the deeper ideas presented in Poetry & Creative Writing, the development of expression with individual voice.

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Mapping It Out

Data is visually displayed in multiple forms from population density to income maps, natural disasters and fires, and it affects daily interactions and decisions.  Students will examine data displays from numerous sources, layering data, gathering their own data set, and drawing conclusions using ArcGIS/ESRI and Survey123 tools.

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