Registration for Summer 2020 term has closed.  Please contact the CDLS Registrar if you have any questions.

Summer 2020 courses will cost $25 per enrollment. Registration for the summer term will open May 4th, 2020.  Click here for the summer term information list or contact the CDLS Registrar for more information.  

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Additional Information


  • Click here for important information about the Summer Semester.

  • Drops made after the drop date will be assessed the full course fee.  The drop date during fall is September 20th and the drop date in spring is February 7th. Districts/Schools will be invoiced for enrollments following the drop date after registration is closed.

  • If course cost is not covered by the school/district, responsible parties will be required to submit payment online prior to the term drop date.  Please contact CDLS to make arrangements.

  • If you need to drop, change, or add courses for an existing registration, click here!

Extension Request - Spring 2020 courses only

School Administrators (site coordinators, counselors, etc) may request an extension for their student(s) to complete work in a Spring 2020 course.  Extensions requests will be reviewed by CDLS Admins and the appropriate instructors; School administrators and students will be notified as to whether the extension has been approved or not.​

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