Course Descriptions & Syllabi

Colorado Digital Learning Solutions (CDLS) provides a wide variety of supplemental online courses for middle school and high school students in all performance ranges, from at-risk to advanced students. Our supplemental course model supports many different student use cases, including credit retrieval, advanced courses, curriculum enhancement and/or to resolve scheduling conflicts.

Courses are rigorous, research-based and pedagogically sound. Courses are taught by highly-qualified state-certified teachers.  Courses can be accessed any where an internet connection is available, and can be accessed from a variety of devices. 


Some courses have prerequisites--see the full course description for information.

Information on NCAA can be found here.


Download the Fall 2021 Course List  (printable pdf flyer) or click on one of the following categories to view courses, descriptions, and syllabi.  All courses are contingent on available instructors.

Credit Recovery

Learning Recovery


Concurrent Enrollment

AP Courses



Social Studies


Career & Tech Ed

Language Arts

Middle School

World Languages


The supplemental classes that our school receives from Colorado Digital Learning Solutions is an essential part of our rural high school's schedule.Without these classes our school would struggle to provide a schedule that meetsour students’ needs. As an online coordinator the support I receive from the CDLStech staff and the teachers is always available and successful. I know they are there for my students and me.    -Site Coordinator, Soroco HS (South Routt Dist)