AP Computer Science A - Semester 2


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Semester 2 is offered only during the spring term.


AP Computer Science A is full-year, high school course equivalent to a first-semester, college-level course in computer science for CS majors.  This is the second semester of the high school AP course. The course introduces students to computer science using the industry-standard Java programming language and presents fundamental topics that include problem solving, algorithms, and abstraction. AP CS A introduces students to the importance of resilience and project planning through the implementation of several large-scale and complex projects. The daily student-centered lesson plans emphasize practice through working on problems, group activities, labs, and projects that help integrate the learning objectives.


Required Book: Building Java Programs, 4th Edition by Reges and Stepp
This required textbook can be loaned through CDLS or purchased if the student would like to keep the copy.  Cost: $150. This is the same text used for semester 1. 

Prerequisites: HS Geometry and Algebra II; Intro to CS 2 or significant programming experience in a textual language (Python, C#, C, Java, JavaScript, etc.), and AP Computer Science - Semester 1

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