Marine Science 101


The ocean is vast. It covers over 70% of the Earth's surface and extends to depths that make the tallest mountains seem miniscule in comparison. The ocean formed as the Earth cooled billions of years ago and it continues to evolve and change today. The ocean is so immense that it impacts daily weather and controls the global climate, making much of the planet able to sustain life. The greatest species diversity is found in the ocean, spread across habitats ranging from deep-water vents to estuaries where fresh and saltwater meet. While the ocean has been used as a resource for food and travel since man learned to sail, there is still much to discover. 

Enter a world where brightly-colored fish dart about in the crystal clear waters of a tropical reef and the largest animal on Earth, the blue whale, is free to navigate the globe. Learn about the organisms found above and below the waves and what it takes to survive in such unique habitats. Understand that every living thing in the ocean shares one free flowing body of water, which inexplicably connects them in a balance that is carefully maintained by the ocean itself. Explore how humans have impacted the ocean and seek to learn more about it.

Learning Goals include:

  • Investigate the largest biome on Earth, the ocean, home to the greatest biodiversity on the planet.

  • Analyze how the ocean and its inhabitants have changed over time and continue to do so.​

  • Identify the contributing factors that cause ocean currents and how this affects life on Earth.​

  • Recognize the natural and anthropogenic impacts to the ocean and its inhabitants.​

  • Review the history of ocean exploration and learn about the maritime research continues today.​​


Units included in the course:

  • Biodiversity of the Ocean​

  • An Evolving Ocean​

  • Ocean Ecosystems​

  • A Dynamic Ocean​

  • Our Impact on the Ocean​

  • Ocean Discoveries


This course was written by OceanFirst Foundation out of Boulder, Colorado. This year they added 360 degree surround videos of various ocean locations.

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