Integrated Math 3B

Integrated Math is a comprehensive collection of mathematical concepts designed to give you a deeper understanding of the world around you. It includes ideas from algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, and trigonometry, and teaches them as interrelated disciplines. It’s likely that you’ve been studying some form of integrated math since elementary school. In Integrated Math 3B, you will study and apply the laws of sine and cosine functions. You will also investigate the cross sections and density of three-dimensional geometric figures. You will use equations, inequalities, and functions to solve real world math problems. You will also look at function graphs and explore transformation of functions. You will analyze statistical data and data collection methods and use probability to make decisions.

Course Goals

  • Use trigonometry to derive the formula for the area of a triangle.

  • Prove and apply the laws of Sines and Cosines.

  • Identify cross sections for various three-dimensional objects.

  • Solve systems of equations and inequalities.

  • Graph inequalities with restrictions on the variable.

  • Graph systems of inequalities.

  • Solve problems using exponential and logarithmic functions.

  • Transform functions on a coordinate plane.

  • Find the inverse of a function.

  • Make inferences based on statistical data.

  • Solve for probabilities in complex situations and use probability to make complex decisions.

  • Analyze and compare statistical models and data-collection methods.


Prerequisites: Integrated Math 3A

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