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AP Psychology - Semester 1


Semester 1 is offered only during the fall term. Semester 2 is offered only during the spring term.


This course will be utilized for students wishing to take the AP Psychology exam. All modules in this course are geared towards a content area covered on the AP exam. The course begins with an introduction to the course as well as the origins of psychology to strengthen students’ scientific foundations that other modules will build upon. The semester then focuses on biology with an emphasis on the brain. With having a strong grasp of neuropsychology, students will then expand their knowledge to learning with topics such as operant and classical conditioning and cognitive psychology with topics like storing and retrieving memories. The semester ends reviewing testing, bias, and individual differences. Throughout the semester, there will be progress checks sprinkled in each module to help the students conduct a self-check of their knowledge.

Prerequisites: Strong reading and writing skills are recommended.

*This course requires materials. View the syllabus for information.

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