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Forensic Science 2: More Secrets of the Dead

Every time a crime is committed, a virtual trail of incriminating evidence is left behind just waiting to be found and analyzed. In Forensic Science II: More Secrets of the Dead, you’ll learn even more about the powerful science of forensics and how it has changed the face of crime and justice in our world. You will learn some basic scientific principles used in the lab, such as toxicology, material analysis, microscopy, and forensic anthropology and find out how scientists use everything from insects to bones to help them solve crimes. Discover how advanced techniques and methodical processes can lead to catching even the craftiest criminal. The best way to battle crime these days is not with a weapon, but with science.


  • Explore how bones and bugs help solve crimes.

  • Examine some of the forensic science laboratory techniques for identifying and testing drug evidence and toxin.

  • Investigate how paint, soil, and trace evidence is found and analyzed.

  • Analyze newer trends in forensic science, including the investigation of digital crime.

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