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Health Science: Nursing - Semester 2

Nursing is an in-demand career, perfect for someone looking for a rewarding and challenging vocation in the healthcare sector. With a strong focus on patient care, a nurse must be skilled in communication, promoting wellness, and understanding safety in the workplace. You will explore communication and ethics, anatomy and physiology, and the practice of nursing. Learn how to build relationships with individuals, families, and communities and how to develop wellness strategies for your patients. From emergency to rehabilitative care to advances and challenges in the healthcare industry, discover how you can launch a fulfilling career providing care to others.


Required Materials

  • Video Recording device (smart phone or device that can record video & sound)

  • First aid kit and supplies (Alcohol and cotton swabs or  alcohol wipes, Syringe or object to mimic syringe, Bandage materials: sterile gauze, tape, large bandages, Space blanket, Antiseptic cream/gel, Scissors, Cold pack, Surgical Gloves)

  • Surgical Gown (or clothing that is similar)

  • Object like a piece of fruit to demonstrate asepsis

  • Clean towels or pieces of cloth

  • Thermometer

  • Bathroom scale

  • Yardstick or measuring tape

  • Stopwatch or watch with timer or second hand

  • Friend or family member to act as your “patient”

  • Practice dummy: a large pillow or stuffed animal is a good substitute

  • Automated External Defibrillator or a box with two strings attached; the strings will need adhesive bandages or tape on the ends


Prerequisites: Health Science: Nursing - Semester 1

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