Introduction to Computer Science - Semester 2

Offered in the spring semester only.

This course is an optional continuation of Intro to CS 1. It transitions students from a visual programming tool to writing code in Python, a beginner-friendly but very powerful text-based programming language. This course prepares students well for further courses in Computer Science in college, or the AP Computer Science A course. Like the first semester, it is hands-on and project-based, with increasingly sophisticated projects such as an adventure game, tic-tac-toe, creating music and songs with programs, and “Python Pokemon”. A capstone final project is fully conceived, designed, and built by the student.



  • Middle school level math (Grade 8 common core), especially: arithmetic expressions, basic equations, geometric shapes and basic formulas, x/y graphs

  • Intro to CS 1, or some previous exposure to programming in a text-based or visual language (for example, Scratch, Lego Mindstorms, Visual Basic, etc.)

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