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Marine Science: Secrets of the Blue - Semester 1 and 2

Have you ever wondered about the secrets of the deep, and how the creatures below the ocean’s surface live and thrive? It is truly a new frontier of discovery, and in Marine Science, you will begin to understand a great deal more about the aquatic cycles, structures, and processes that generate and sustain life in the sea. Through the use of scientific inquiry, research, measurement, and problem solving, you will conduct various scientific procedures that will lead to an increased level of knowledge about Marine Science. You will also have the opportunity to use technology and laboratory instruments in an academic setting. By recognizing the inherent ethics and safety procedures necessary in advanced experiments, you will become progressively more confident in your abilities as a capable marine scientist.


Course Highlights

  • Design an experiment on a current topic of interest in marine science.

  • Discover how wave power can be measured and described.

  • Admire the adaptations organisms make to survive in their complex ecosystems.

  • Analyze different career opportunities in marine science, and choose one that’s just right for you!


This is a 2 semester course, split at the midterm.

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