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Robotics 1: Introduction - Edm

Robotics I, an Introduction is a one-semester course that explains various concepts related to robotics. This course begins by describing the evolution and applications of robotics. Students will explain the importance of teamwork and describe the skills needed to work in a team. Students will describe Newton’s laws of motion and their applications in robotics. Students will describe basic concepts of Boolean algebra, electricity, electronic circuits, magnetics, and their applicability to robotics. This course will also help students identify career opportunities, employability skills, and important safety skills in robotics.  Finally, students will be provided an option to construct a simple robot.

This course is being designed and delivered in partnership with CDLS and the St. Vrain Valley School District Innovation Center and delivered by a team of St Vrain teachers and students. This course will include a  “kit”  to support student exploration.

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