CDLS is prepared to support students whose districts/schools may close in response to COVID-19.  CDLS will focus on making sure that districts (and students) have access to all the core courses required and will work with the districts to setup access so your teachers can also have access to the courses so they can also support the students online.

CDLS is providing access to all our courses based on district requests and approval, with a focus on core areas and other courses as requested, at a cost of $25 per course registration through the COVID-19 school closures this school year.  CDLS will also provide an instructor/staff to  help local instructors customize the course(s) to fit their students' needs and to assist in monitoring and supporting student work online.

Administrators can request support/enrollments by filling out the questionnaire below, which will help CDLS determine the best solution to meet your needs and the needs of your students.  CDLS will contact you with information specific to your situation and needs and a plan for moving forward. 


Additionally CDLS in partnership with eNetLearning (a project of the Colorado BOCES), will provide small rural districts access to a Learning Management System through the CDLS Moodle/LMS where a districts' teachers and students can work together within one online platform.  CDLS and eNetLearning will provide access to this option for $300 and will provide an eNetLearning staff member to assist local staff in customizing the LMS area based on district needs.  In this way, students will be registered in their "district LMS" and the district will be able to monitor student access, time on task, and have access to a communication system that students, teachers, and parents could access.  NOTE: this option does not provide access to course content.

Please feel free to contact us directly at (720) 458-4154 for more information.

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