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 Being a Successful Online Student

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Tips to Organize Your Time and Work
(adopted from Florida Virtual)


Organizing your Work Space


Before you start doing work:

  • Get a notebook for your hard copies (i.e. things that you print) that you are instructed to keep throughout the course.

  • Create a folder on your computer to keep your assignments. You will save word processing documents that will be submitted throughout the course in this folder. If you do not know how to set up new folders on your hard drive, please ask the tech expert or teacher at your school.

  • Make sure you have a space to work at school and/or home. If you are working in a lab at school, be sure that you bring all your materials with you (including pencil/pen and paper) so you will be able to work efficiently during your time in the lab.

  • You will want these two items with you at all times: a copy of your schedule for the course and contact information for your instructor. These items will answer the most often asked questions, "Where am I supposed to be in the course?" and "How can I reach my teacher?" Remember you are using the communication tools within Genius to communicate with your teacher.