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About CDLS


Colorado Digital Learning Solutions (CDLS), a 501(c)3 non-profit, has been awarded a statewide contract as the state supported provider of supplemental coursework for Colorado students. Monies for this contract was appropriated in the CRS 22-5-119 legislation to support districts, BOCES, and charter schools. And, the goal of CDLS is to use these funds to build a sound, self-sustaining supplemental model for students and schools in Colorado.

Through this contract, CDLS will provide expanded supplemental course offerings for middle and high school to support credit retrieval, credit advancement, and curriculum enhancement options for Colorado students. Courses are supported by a successful, research-based student support model that includes collaboration among highly qualified and state-certified online teachers, school-based site coordinators, and a strong CDLS leadership team.


CDLS is expanding its course titles in the areas of Advanced Placement (AP), Career and Technical Education (CTE), college preparatory courses, and dual and concurrent enrollment options.


CDLS will also provide modules and coursework to Colorado teachers related to the implementation of online and blended learning courses as well as teaching in a standards-based environment. All courses are tied to the Colorado Teacher Quality Standards and follow iNACOL’s Blended Teaching Competencies. Graduate credit will be offered for completed coursework.

CDLS is part of the Colorado Empowered Learning initiative that aims to harness the talents and knowledge of educators across the state to enhance equity and access in K-12 education through blended learning.

Please contact us with your questions and suggestions as we look forward to this opportunity to partner with you in expanding and improving upon the availability of supplemental courses for districts and students statewide. CDLS staff are available to visit your BOCES/district/school/organization to discuss this expanded supplemental program.

Who do we serve?

CDLS Participating Districts

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