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Welcome to CDLS! This page provides general information for Site Coordinators as well as support videos (how-to's), and other information to help you provide support for your students as a Site Coordinator.

Getting Access - I need a Site Coordinator account!

Fill out the contact form below and we will contact you to get set up with an account.  If you already have a Site Coordinator account but need to recover your information, contact us!

Terms of Service & Student Support Plan

This document outlines the Terms of Service between participating school

districts and CDLS.  It also includes student support procedures and strategies

and provides Data Privacy information.

Complete Registration Guide (including how to drop enrollments)

A complete guide to registration for Site Coordinators.​ This guide also has information on how to request a course drop.

Accommodations Information and Request Form (pdf) It is the school district’s responsibility to notify CDLS if a student enrolled in a course requires an accommodation. Click here for Word doc version.

Tasks for Supporting Online Students

The Site Coordinator is an important element in a student’s successful

completion of an online course. Use this task list as a guide for supporting your students.

Counselor Resources
Resources for Counselors

Concurrent Enrollment Course Information

Information on how to register students for college credit

Credit Recovery

CDLS credit recovery policies and procedures.

Elementary Course Print Packets

Download worksheets and materials lists to print and distribute as needed.

Technical Information & System Requirements

What do my students need to in order to take a CDLS online course? Typically just a browser and an internet connection!  However, your browser may need  to be configured and you may need to work with your school's tech person to  make sure students have access to the sites they need. Click the link above for technical information.

Login Process

A walk-through of how users login.

Monitoring Students

An overview of the tools available for monitoring students.

CDLS Overview

An introduction to a CDLS course.​

Student Orientation

The student orientation video that all students have access to in their courses.​

Student Communication in Genius

Using the communication tools in Genius.


Are you new to CDLS?

If you are new to CDLS and would like more information, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to get started.  If you are an existing CDLS Site Coordinator, you can also use this form to update your contact info.

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