Technology Requirements


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CDLS uses two Learning Management Systems (LMS) that integrate with a Student Information System (SIS) for single sign on (SSO) functionality.


For optimal performance CDLS recommends upgrading to the latest versions of the supported browsers and additional requirements below.

Students will need also need their own unique email address that they can easily access and can receive emails from CDLS.

If you need help implementing any of these settings, call our help desk at (720) 458-4154 option 7.

Recommended Browsers:

Your Browser Information:

Required Settings


The following settings are required.

  • Cookies: How to enable
    Websites often store cookies and other data as you browse online. This data may include information that you have provided in the past, such as your name, email address, and preferences. This data helps websites identify you when you return to the site, and helps the site remember the user's preferences or registration details for a future visit. Enabling cookies in your browser can help prevent login issues to third party apps that provide course content. 

  • Chrome Flags: SameSite Cookies

Additional Settings


The following settings/plugins may be needed.

  • Flash: How to Install  (only if needed*)
    The need to install Flash is declining and we are working to de-flash all course content. However, it may still appear in a small percentage of lessons, so only install Flash if needed.


  • Java: How to Install  (only if needed*)

Mobile/Lightweight devices

Lightweight devices, such as iPads and Chromebooks are compatible with CDLS courses, however, it is a good idea to have access to a Windows or Mac based computer to complete coursework in case your selected device does not meet the functionality needs of a course.

Additional Information

Some courses may have additional requirements, listed in the introduction information.  If you have trouble accessing content or are experiencing issues, please try a different device or browser.  Often, clearing your browser cache will solve access issues.


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