Technology Requirements


CDLS uses the Agilix Buzz Learning Management System (LMS) that integrates with the Genius Student Information System (SIS) for single sign on (SSO) functionality.


For optimal performance CDLS recommends using the latest versions of the supported browsers and additional requirements below.

Students are required to have their own unique email address that they can easily access and receive emails from CDLS.

If you need help implementing any of these settings, call our help desk at (720) 458-4154 option 7.


Did you know?

Clearing your browser cache will often solve access issues. You can also try a different browser (see below).



Recommended Browsers

Email Address / Whitelist

Each student is required to have their own, unique email address that they can easily access.  Students need to be able to receive emails from the domain.  Below are domains/ips that need to be whitelisted.

Click on the link to the left to learn how to enable Cookies if they are not already enabled.

Required Settings

  • Cookies: How to enable
    Websites often store cookies and other data as you browse online. This data may include information that you have provided in the past, such as your name, email address, and preferences. This data helps websites identify you when you return to the site, and helps the site remember the user's preferences or registration details for a future visit. Enabling cookies in your browser can help prevent login issues to third party apps that provide course content.

  • Popup Blocker should be turned off

Word Processing and Ability to Download/Save/share files

  • Students will need need access to word processing software, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word. 

  • Students may need to download files (pdfs or images) for editing and then be able to upload/attach to an assignment.  Student can use Google Drive to share documents, but instructors must be able to open them.  

​​Mobile/Lightweight devices

Lightweight devices, such as iPads and Chromebooks are compatible with CDLS courses, as long as the browser is setup according to the requirements above, and students have access to Google drive or something similar to save and share files.

Click here to view our iPad Support Guide.

Domains and IP Addresses to Whitelist

The following domains and IP addresses are used by CDLS.