Welcome to the Infusion Project registration page! This page will provide all of the information you need to register and approve students.  Walk-through videos are provided below, or you can download instructions (pdf).

Quarter 3 Registration: December 9, 2019 - January 24, 2020

Quarter 3 Term: January 13 - March 13, 2020

Students have two weeks from the course start date to drop without incurring the full course fee.

Select one of the options below. Click here to download a printable guide.

Click here for instructions on how to register a new or returning student.

Click here for step by step instructions on how how to approve a registration request.

Click here for instructions on how to drop a course, or add/change a course for an existing registration.


How to Register*

*A valid, accessible email address is required in order for students to register and receive their login credentials and important information.

If a student has not take a CDLS course they are considered a new student.

New Student

Complete the online registration form* for the student.


*A valid, active email address is required for each student.

  • On the first page, you will enter the student's information* and on the second page you will select a course.**

    *On the first page. make sure to select the student's regular district from the dropdown menu, then select their Infusion Project school.

    **On the second page, make sure to choose the Infusion Project catalog (course list) in the drop-down menu.

  • Upon submission, the student will receive an email confirming the submission. The enrollment is pending until you accept the student and approve the course request.

  • Once you approve the course request, the student will receive a confirmation email letting them know they have been approved and are ready to go. They will receive a separate email containing their login credentials.

Follow this process for each new student.

Returning Student

If a student has taken a CDLS course before, or they already have a CDLS account, they are considered a returning student.

Please call or email the CDLS Registrar to enroll an existing/returning student in an Infusion course.

CDLS Registrar: Ashley Dalton


   phone: (720) 458-4154


How to Approve a Registration

The video below provides step-by-step instructions on how to approve a course registration.  

How to approve a course registration.

How to Drop, Change, or Add Enrollments

The video below provides step-by-step instructions on how drop a student from a course, change and enrollment (drop and then enroll in a new course, or add a course to an existing student.

How to drop or change a course.

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