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Aeroscholars 2: Advanced Aviation Science, Private Pilot

Available for Concurrent Enrollment

Advanced Aviation Science, Private Pilot further develops the student's understanding and interest of aviation science. Although most students may not pilot an aircraft for a living, most people have dreamt of flying an aircraft.


This course brings the dream of being a pilot many steps closer. Students will learn about airport systems, air traffic control procedures, airspace, aviation weather, air navigation, radio communication procedures, and federal aviation regulations. The course will also cover aircraft performance and cross-country flight planning. Additional weather theory is provided as well as weather reports and forecasts for pilots. Aircraft weight and balance, and the use of pilot tools and charts are all taught using comprehensive video, interactive questions, online lessons and the FAA publication, The Private Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. The course features hundreds of interactive videos, test questions, and 17 weeks of exciting aviation lessons.

Upon successful completion of this course, students may request an endorsement to take the FAA private pilot knowledge examination, signed off by a certified flight instructor. Passing the knowledge exam completes the first step toward earning a real pilot license. 

This course is correlated to NSTA Standards.

Prerequisites: Aeroscholars 1

Students must register directly with Adams State University in order to receive concurrent credit.  

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