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Principles of Public Service: To Serve & Protect - Semester 1 and 2

Ambulances scream along, heading toward those in need. But who makes sure someone is there to answer the 9-1-1 call? When you take a pill, who has determined that drug is safe for the public? All of these duties are imperative to our comfort and success as a society. Public service is a field that focuses on building a safe and healthy world, and in Principles of Public Service: To Serve and Protect you will be introduced to its many different career choices. The protection of society is not only one of our greatest challenges, but it also provides ways for people to work together to ensure safety and provide indispensable services. If you have ever contemplated being one of these real-life heroes, now is the time to learn more!

Course Highlights

  • Learn what public service is and how it effects your life.

  • Research careers in different areas of public service.

  • Sharpen your leadership and decision-making skills.

  • Create an emergency response plan.


This is a 2 semester course, split at the midterm.

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