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American Sign Language 3a: Community and Culture

As you dive into more advanced ASL signing, including unique grammar features and advanced classifiers and locatives, you’ll learn, compose, and present your new-found vocabulary and narratives by immersing yourself in Deaf culture and community. From opinions, slang, and idioms, to using technology and media that offers authentic Deaf perspectives. Explore how travel, cultural differences, and geography affect sign language. And gain a better understanding of Deaf culture by learning important events and examining topics such as education, science, and literature.


Students in ASL 3a and 3b will need to practice their conversational ASL skills with a partner or group to advance their language skills to the intermediate level. For safety reasons, we ask that the teacher or school district locate another ASL student or member of the Deaf community who is willing to be a conversation partner in person or over video chat. If this conversation partner is not able to meet, the student will need the school district or teacher to locate an alternate conversation partner with whom to practice and complete assignments.

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