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MS 2D Studio Art

Close your eyes and imagine you’re standing in an art studio—the smell of paint, the heat of the kiln, and the infinite creative possibilities that linger in the air. This is where art is born, and in 2D Studio Art, you’ll learn how to bring your art visions to life. Whatever medium you prefer—painting, drawing, photography—this course will teach you the design elements and principles needed to create a work of art, explore your artistic inspirations, travel back in time to look at art in different cultures, and gain insight about the art of critiquing. If you’ve ever dreamed about making a living as an artist, this course will give you the tools and background that you need to turn those dreams into a reality!


Required Materials

• Various sizes of white drawing paper

• Various sizes of colored paper

• Paintbrushes in varying sizes

• Empty cans or jars to wash paintbrushes

• Ruler and/or protractor

• Erasers

• Scissors

• Miscellaneous household objects to use for still life art

• Digital camera, camera phone, or other type of camera

• Paint: (at least two or more of the following)

   • Tempera Paint      • Acrylic Paint       • Oil Paint

   • Watercolor            • Ink Wash

• Drawing Tools: (at least two or more of the following)

   • Pastels                 • Charcoal 

   • Markers                • Colored Pencil

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