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Sociology 2: Your Social Life

Why do people disagree on so many big issues? Where do culture wars come from? Maybe you’ve wondered this as you’ve looked through your social media feed or read the latest online article about groups fighting over different social issues. Sociology II: Your Social Life takes a powerful look at how social institutions like families, religion, government, and education shape our world and how collective behavior and social movements can create change. Although the reality of the battles isn’t always pretty, gaining a clearer picture of the different sides can help you better understand how our lives are shaped by entertainment, social institutions, and social change.


  • Explore how social change can happen in society.

  • Analyze the effects of cities, population growth, and urban life on society.

  • Examine the benefits and effects of sports and entertainment.

  • Investigate the influence of religion, education, and other organizations on society.

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