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Anthropology 2: More Human Mysteries Uncovered

How does your culture influence you? Find out how different locations shape various cultures and, in turn, how these cultures shape people’s lives around the world – from the jungles of the Amazon to the islands of Indonesia. Anthropology II: More Human Mysteries Uncovered provides a fascinating look at this puzzle of culture. Many of our ancient cultures and languages were shaped by the geographical locations of our ancestors, and in this course, you will begin to visualize new ideas about how ancient cultures flourished through examining their views on life, death, art, and survival. In looking back and learning about cultures through the ages, we are better equipped to understand the world around us today.

  • Investigate how art is shaped and how it shapes culture.

  • Discuss the research methods anthropologists use in studying people around the world.

  • Explore the human life course and cultural approaches to death and dying.

  • Learn more about specific cultures around the world, such as the Maasai.

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