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U.S. Government

US Government is the study of the founding principles of democracy in the United States, the structures and details of how the government functions, and the role of the individual citizen in participating in that democracy. In US Government, you will learn about the principles and events that led to the founding of the United States in the eighteenth century; examine how the operations of the US government are spread among three branches of government and distributed between the national, state, and federal levels of government; explore the role of the individual citizen in the operations of the government; and, finally, apply these concepts to understanding the concrete areas of foreign, domestic, and economic policy. You’ll explore timelines to gain an understanding of how events link to each other and to the structures of government that exist today, and you’ll analyze historical documents for a firsthand sense of how government structures were designed. You’ll also gather evidence from relevant documents and historical texts to develop credible explanations of how and why the government exists as it does. You’ll then use that evidence to express viewpoints on the operations of government by writing essays and creating presentations about topics of relevance to modern US citizens.

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