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ELL Foundations: Newcomer

The ELL Foundations: Newcomer course consists of 23 thematic lessons. Its design facilitates the introduction of basic vocabulary and sentence structure needed by beginning English language learners. These units enable students to experience immediate success in communicating in English while progressively developing skills necessary for success in ELL Foundations: Level 1. Online activities allow students to work independently. These activities can be repeated as often as necessary to ensure the mastery of beginning level reading skills and vocabulary development. Each lesson provides online Tutorials for students to do on their own or in a group as well as an online mastery test. Once students have mastered the Newcomers course, they are ready to begin Level 1 stories and activities.

Districts who would like to access and implement these special courses for their students should contact CDLS for registration information and additional information about partnering with CDLS to set up a locally supported course.

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