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Integrated Math 1A for Credit Recovery

CDLS Credit Recovery (CR) courses are designed for students who have taken a course and failed it. 


CR courses are organized so that students can take a pre-test for each lesson/unit. If the student passes the pre-test at a 75% mastery level, the student can move on to the next lesson/unit. All lessons/units must be passed at a 75% mastery level to complete the CR course.

Integrated Math is a comprehensive collection of mathematical concepts designed to give you a deeper understanding of the world around you. It includes ideas from algebra, geometry, probability and statistics, and trigonometry, and teaches them as interrelated disciplines. It’s likely that you’ve been studying some form of integrated math since elementary school.

In Integrated Math 1A, you will begin with algebra. You will build on your understanding of single-variable and two-variable expressions, equations, and inequalities. You will also learn how to write equations and inequalities to represent and solve word problems.

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