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Health Science Foundations 1b: Professional Responsibilities

Building on the prior prerequisite course, you will further develop your understanding of health science. Starting with safety, you will analyze your responsibilities for ensuring patient and personal safety with special attention paid to emergency procedures. Infection control, first-aid, CPR, and measuring vitals are discussed in detail. You will also learn about numerical data, such as systems of measurement, medical math, and reading and interpreting charts. Finally, examine effective team work and leadership characteristics while building your employment skills. 


  • Explore employment opportunities in healthcare and analyze your career goals.

  • Understand how infection can spread and what steps to take to combat the advance of infectious diseases.

  • Describe the roles of different healthcare team members and explain characteristics of good teams.

  • Understand how advanced technologies can be used in diagnosing and treating patients.


Prerequisites: Health Science Foundations 1a

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