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Personal & Family Finance - Semester 1 and 2

We all know money is important in life. But how important? In fact, the financial decisions you make today may have a lasting effect on your future. Rather than feeling anxious about money feel empowered by learning how to make smart decisions! Personal and Family Finance will begin the conversation around how to spend and save your money wisely, investing in safe opportunities and the days ahead. Learning key financial concepts around taxes, credit, and money management will provide both understanding and confidence as you begin to navigate your own route to future security. Discover how education, career choices, and financial planning can lead you in the right direction to making your life simpler, steadier, and more enjoyable.

Course Highlights

  • Examine credit and learn how to use credit wisely.

  • Explore how to better control your money and avoid money problems.

  • Create a plan to reach your financial goals.

  • Learn about different types of banks and how taxes will affect you.


This is a 2 semester course, split at the midterm.

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