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Social Problems 2: Crisis, Conflicts & Challenges

It may seem like we live in a sometimes scary and ever-changing world. Everywhere we “look” from the homeless living on the streets, to world-wide health epidemics, to the often negative effects of our global world problems seem to appear at every corner. In Social Problems II: Crisis, Conflict, and Challenges, you’ll explore more of the challenges we face and learn what we can do to reduce the effects of these conflicts and problems. From drug abuse to terrorists to the changing nature of communities in our digital world, we can better face and solve these problems when we have a deeper understanding of their causes and influences on our lives.


  • Trace the development of humans as consumers and the effects this can have on our pocketbooks.

  • Consider whether living in a global world is better for us or whether it creates bigger problems.

  • Examine the effects of problems in health care and what happens when science goes wrong.

  • Explore possible solutions to social problems.

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