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Colorado Digital Learning Solutions (CDLS) is the state-supported supplemental online program that provides Colorado districts, BOCES, and charter schools access to high quality online courses that supplement their existing course offerings in a 21st century learning environment.


CDLS courses are affordable, high-quality, and standards-based. Students can use them for credit retrieval, advanced courses, curriculum enhancement and/or to resolve scheduling conflicts. CDLS can supplement your local middle school and high school curriculum with a wide variety of courses designed for students in all performance ranges, from at-risk to advanced students.


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CDLS Course

Course Enrollment Option

Access to all CDLS courses taught by a Colorado certified teacher

district teacher


CDLS Course

District Flexibility Option
Access to all CDLS courses with the flexibility for courses to be taught by a local teacher.




District Online Program
Access to an LMS to deliver online courses, with the option to access fully built courses that the local teacher can use.

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Summer 2021

CDLS offers Core, Credit Recovery, and Learning Recovery courses during the summer.

Registration: May 10 - June 11, 2021

Semester: June 7 - July 30, 2021

Last day to drop without fee is
June 11, 2021

Summer Info & Course List

Fall 2021

CDLS Fall 2021 Registration Info

Aug 11 - Sept 24, 2021


August 25 - December 17, 2021

Fall 2021 Course List

Drop dates

Districts are invoiced for all enrollments on the roster following the drop date, after registration is closed. Drops made after the drop date will be assessed the full course fee.   

Summer 21



Fall 21


Spring 22


CDLS is offering Learning Recovery short courses to provide “learning recovery” opportunities designed to help prepare students for success in future math and English courses. These “short courses” will focus on reviewing and mastering the essential skills and standards that will serve as the foundation for future learning and success.


These “short courses” are designed to be completed in 4-8 weeks and will allow students to progress at a pace appropriate for them.



These “short courses” can be offered by districts for either “for credit” or “non-credit” options dependent on district policy and designations.

Each CDLS short course will have an online instructor to provide support and monitoring and CDLS will partner with districts and schools to establish local supports to assist students to be successful. These short courses, as well as other summer courses, can also be delivered by district instructors.