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Health Science: Public Health - Semester 1 and 2

What is public health? Who is in control of our health systems and who decides which diseases get funding and which do not? What are the human and environmental reasons for health inequality? Health Science: Public Health answers all of these questions and more. You will study both infectious and non communicable diseases as well as learn how we conquer these on a community and global level through various methods, including proper hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition. Explore the role current and future technologies play worldwide as well as consider the ethics and governance of health on a global scale. Discover unique career opportunities, and fascinating real-life situations.


Course Highlights

  • Explore how healthcare systems and inequity play a role in global health.

  • Learn about programs in countries around the world to solve global health problems using handwashing, nutrition, and maternal and child health.

  • Explore careers in global health, and learn the education required, typical salaries, and more.


This is a 2 semester course, split at the midterm.

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