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Beginning Painting

This course introduces students to classical and contemporary painting, techniques and concepts, with emphasis on the understanding of its formal language and the fundamentals of artistic expression. Painting from still life, landscape, and life models from observation will be geared towards realism; at the same time, various other painting styles could be explored. Color theory, linear perspective, compositional structure, figure/ground relationships, visual perception, spatial concepts, and critical thinking skills will all be emphasized. Students will study and research major painting styles and movements in historical context. The hope is that students will use this global approach to develop a “critical eye” in evaluation of contemporary painting. Acrylic and watercolors are the mediums used in this class. The main emphasis of this course is to encourage and nourish individuality and creativity.

This is a project-based course, which means you will be producing artwork and not just reading about it.  Below is a general list of materials you may need during this course.

Materials Needed:

• Acrylic paints

• Acrylic Brushes (to include a flat brush and a round brush)

• Watercolor paints and brushes.

• Newsprint

• Pencil & Eraser

• Colored markers

• Watercolor paper

• Cardstock paper

• 1 white canvas (9"x12" or larger)

• Sketch & Drawing paper

• Paper towel

• Newspaper

• Palette

• Palette knife

• 2 wide mouth jars or containers for water (one for cleaning, one for wetting the brush as needed)

• Mirror

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