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History of the Holocaust - Semester 1 and 2

"Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp, which has turned my life into one long night, seven times cursed and seven times sealed.” Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor, wrote these words about his experiences in a Nazi concentration camp. History of the Holocaust will take you through the harrowing details of anti-Semitism, the power of the Nazi party, the persecution of European Jews and other groups, and the tremendous aftermath for everyone involved in World War II. You’ll explore the causes of the Holocaust, the experiences of Jews and other individuals during this time, and what has been done to combat genocide since WWII. “For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.”


This is a 2-semester course.

  • Semester 1 includes Units 1-5

  • Semester 2 includes Units 6-10

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