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What You Need to KnoW

  Information about the Supplement Program 


Colorado Digital Learning Solutions (CDLS) provides school districts, BOCES, and charter schools access to high quality online courses that supplement current course offerings.


Each online course is facilitated by a Colorado-certified instructor.


A wide variety of courses are available at the middle and high school level, including career and technical education and elective courses.  NCAA and concurrent enrollment courses are also available.


Courses are mobile friendly or optimized for mobile devices.


CDLS and the local district work together to provide students on-site “facilitators” and support. Local facilitators can be counselors, administrators, teachers, para-professionals or a combination.  This model has had a 70% or better successful completion rate for students participating in the program. The successful completion rate is determined by those students who complete courses with a final grade of 60% or higher.


In working with school districts, CDLS provides all necessary progress reports and information on student progress.


Course cost is subsidized by grant monies from state legislation to support students from Colorado districts, BOCES, and charter schools. 


Terms of Service and Student Support Plan: This document outlines the Terms of Service between participating school districts and CDLS.  It also includes student support procedures and strategies and provides Data Privacy information.

Learn about CDLS in this webinar titled "Exploring the State Supported Supplemental Online Program"

What CDLS is NOT

CDLS is not an online school. A school district works with CDLS to decide how to utilize the courses available based on the needs of the student.

How School Districts can use CDLS online courses   

Colorado Digital Learning Solution's supplemental course model supports many different student use cases. Based on specific student needs, CDLS will work with a school district to find the right solution, including accommodating specific registration/enrollment requests during the semester.


In working with a school district, Colorado Digital Learning Solutions can help districts:  Click here to view our Stakeholder Use Cases document.


  • Offer courses that the district can’t offer due to insufficient enrollment or lack of a qualified teacher.

  • Offer a needed course that students can’t take in their school district because of a scheduling conflict with other courses.

  • Provide access to online courses for students unable to attend school.

  • Provide a way for students who start school late to catch up via online courses.

  • Provide access to courses for students who were suspended. 

  • Provide advanced and additional course options that the district does not offer (including electives, career and technical education, and language courses). (Based on interest, CDLS can offer Advanced Placement courses.)

  • Offer students opportunities for credit recovery.

  • Address specific teacher shortages in critical content areas.

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