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elementary info & course list

  Online Learning for Grades K-5 

CDLS elementary courses are taught by Colorado certified teachers. These teachers come from either CDLS or the local school district and they provide age-appropriate instruction and support. Our online curriculum provides real-life applications and activities, which enables each child to develop independence as he or she progresses through each lesson. Since CDLS works as a supplemental support to local districts, students always remain enrolled and a part of their local school/district.  Click each of the links below for detailed information.  If you would like to demo an elementary course, please contact us!

Parent, District, CDLS Partnership


We believe that parents are an integral part of their child’s education. Although each CDLS course is led by a certified teacher, elementary-aged students need additional guidance and support from their parents. We ask parents to work in partnership with their local school and CDLS and the course instructor to:


  • Monitor your student(s) daily

  • Develop a ‘work routine’ for the student (i.e. when the student will be online and complete online/off-line assignments)

  • Support student(s) in completing and sending their work to their instructor

  • Help student(s) navigate the online system

To support parents, CDLS will work with school district to provide webinars and conference calls about course navigation and how to organize a ‘school day’ for an elementary student.

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Frequent communication is key to a successful remote learning environment for elementary students. Below are some elementary strategies that CDLS will use. 

  • CDLS online teachers are expected to provide timely responses to student questions, at least within 24 hours. However, with the elementary grades, we encourage responses to student and parent questions to be on same day.  

  • CDLS will provide parents and the district/school access to various monitoring and communication tools to assist in monitoring student progress and to maintain support.

  • Students who are not making adequate progress will receive interventions such as phone calls and emails to the home. Direct instruction can be set up to meet the needs of students for remediation. 

  • Weekly communication with parents and district staff will be in the form of a call conference and/or a written update.  

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Course List

Below is a printable list of the Elementary courses.  Please note there is a course in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies for each elementary grade level. "Specials" courses like Art and P.E. are also available.  All courses are contingent on available instructors.  Click the pop-out icon on the top right to open the course list in a new window.

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